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You may think it sounds a little childish or a little dangerous to have a swing inside,
but it can actually be a stylish and even romantic way to add some extra seating or just some extra character to your place. We promise it’ll be your favourite feature in the house.
Seriously,who wouldn’t want to play on one of these chic swings?
An indoor swing is surprisingly versatile and can look sleek and industrial,
or can go full-on bohemian romance.If you’re lucky enough to have high ceilings
and a little extra floor space, check out our swings and get inspired to have a little fun!

We love, what we do.

We do, what we love: beautiful swings.
Iwona Kosicka




Iwona Kosicka is graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw, Poland:
Interior Design and Industrial Design. Her works were presented in both individual
and collective exhibitions. She create articles with simple line and functional design.
Our approach to design is driven by our appreciation and passion for craft.
We believe that applying an informed understanding of materials and processes,
you can create objects and products that create conversations and leave impressions.


Iwona Kosicka is a Polish designer and manufacturer, specialising in contemporary Interior Circle SWINGS for hotels, restaurants, private and contract interiors.
A unique addition, the veneered oak circle swing hangs from the ceiling while encouraging fun
and exercise. The high quality and minimalist design make it a desirable piece for your living area, hall, reception, restaurants, cafes. That is both comfortable and functional.


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