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Iwona Kosicka Design Studio is a fusion of craftsmanship and new technologies.
Craftsmanship meaning absolute precision and extraordinary skills of talented people.
We make sure that they are unique, created with passion,experience, made to order.
We take good care to choose the highest quality materials owhile keeping it sustainable.

The high quality and minimalist design make it a desirable piece for a living area, hall, reception, restaurant, and cafes. The unique addition to any home, the veneered oak circle swing hangs from the ceiling encouraging fun and exercise. Comfortable and functional, it’s perfect
for reading a book and sipping your morning coffee. SWING can make you feel relaxed all-day long. Rocking has physical, mental and emotional health benefits.
It releases endorphins and calms the mind, improving balance.

Dear Mrs. Iwona Kosicka, how did you decide to design a swing?
How was your impressing Swing design born?

Swings have been created to give interiors a breath of life and to break out of the concept
of ordinary rocking chairs. In my project work I searched for a form that will serve my clients
for many years. I bet on timeless minimalism. A seat hanging from a ceiling looks intriguing
and ensures no one walks by without a glance. Swings are especially suited for lovers
of geometrical lines and those who value frugal forms and good quality.


How many color and model options are there?

It can be said that there is no limit on hues and finishes. Basic colors are natural oak,
ightly bleached, white and black. We paint with bespoke colors from RAL and NCS palettes.
We also offer an exclusive version that is covered with schlagmetal in gold, silver and copper. Schlagmetal is a thin piece of metal that is applied by hand. It’s a traditional gilding technique,
so those products are very exclusive.


Swing can easily fit different kind of environments. What do you think?

Certainly! Swings have a perfect circle shape, and that makes them suit all kinds of styles
and interiors. It brings me great joy to watch new applications with their use. They beautifully complete projects without dominating the space. The lightness of form is in a harmonious balance with the existing environment. In the Helsinki City Museum anyone can see how many positive emotions “Swing” can inspire, whole flocks of people have been swaying from swings hanging from the ceiling. My swings can also be found, among other places, inside the lobby
of the Parisian hotel Marriott, Boutique Hotel Babylonstoren in RPA, numerous buildings, showrooms and restaurants around the whole world, Tokyo University,
Alegro shopping center in Portugal.


Swing is really perfect in terms of design. But also its production is also flawless,
excellent. What is the production secret behind the swing?

During manufacturing, we use the best materials, and ideal circle form requires great precision that is only reachable for masters of woodcraft. I am honored to work with such craftsmen.
I view balanced development as manufacturing and buying things that are both durable
and useful, and suited for individual needs. I’m concerned about the fate of the natural environment that surrounds us, and therefore all swings are made to order. To create our furniture, we utilize almost every piece of obtained material. This way of thinking is rooted
in my childhood, when my dad had been in charge of a carpenter shop. He always stressed that success is dependent on two basic ideas: uncompromising engagement in best craftsmanship
and unique designs. This is the mental inheritance that shaped my artistic DNA.

Can you introduce yourself for when etwas Andres’s blog readers?

I’m a designer that has graduated from the Art Academy in Wrocław. The base of my work
is the value of traditional craftsmanship and respect for good materials and their origin. I create items with simple lines and functional design. In my design and carpenter workshop oaken tables, furniture and intriguing lamps, like “Birds” shaped like sitting birds, are being made.
We offer a variety of scandinavian-styled additions, functional and always crafted from natural materials. Personally I love nature, good books and a healthy kitchen. I photograph,
paint and in my spare time ride a bicycle and walk mountains. I constantly try to adhere
to the philosophy of gratitude and balance.  I’m striving to hold on to happiness.

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