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1. Validity, existence of the contract
1.1 The following terms and conditions apply exclusively to all business relations between Circleswing and the buyer at the time of when the order has been placed.
1.2 The buyer cannot use different conditions other than the conditions that are stated. The company is not required to tell the customer otherwise.
1.3 A contract with the companycomes into effect  when the order has been confirmed.

2. Changes of the ordered goods
If products are not available from stock the seller has to deliver by catalogue. Customary and reasonable variations in  the colour or in the dimensions are not considered as a defect.

3. Price and payment
3.1 The agreed prices includes VAT. The prices are listed in the product list.
3.2 The amount of the invoice must be paid upon receipt of order confirmation. The payment is in advance and can be payed through credit card payment or banktransfer. In case of payment by credit card the credit card holder will be charged with the successful completion of the order.
3.3 The company reserves the right of the ownership of the goods until the customer has made a full payment of the purchase price.
3.4 The goods are not carried by the company. Unless otherwise specified by the customer, the goods will be given to a forwarding company for transport, on behalf of the customer. Transport costs are shown in the online shop as well as before placing an order and are included in the total price to be paid. .
3.5 Sales partner as eg. Retailers, as well as campaign sales are excluded from special campaigns. Discounts cannot be combined.

4. Prolongation of the time of delivery
If the seller is not able to meet the agreed deadline, the buyer is entitled to request information about this and the seller must inform the buyer. The company is not responsible for delays due to unaccountable disturbances in his business operations or inconvenience from the suppliers, especially strikes, lawful lockouts and force majeure prolong the delivery time to the length of the interferrence. In such cases the buyer is entitled to withdraw from agreed services only if he in written sets a reasonable grace period upon the expiry of delivery time and the set reasonable grace period expired as well. If the delivery time is determined by the calendar, the reasonable grace period, set by the customer, begins with its expiration. The legal right to demand compensation remains intact.

5. Transferal of the ownership
The transfer of the ownership takes effect when the goods are delivered to the buyer or the responsible carrier.

6. Claim guarantee
6.1 The buyer is entitled to make legal claims. The warranty claim does not apply to damages which are in responsibility of the buyer, such as damage caused by normal use (wear and tear), improper handling, temperature or weather conditions and so on.
6.2 The limitation period is governed by the law.

7. Guarantee / Right to withdraw
7.1 We will grant you a guarantee period of two years on all of our products. If the product, during this period, becomes defect due to a production error, Circleswing will replace the part of the product which is broken or the whole product.
7.2 Product produced on request - no possibility of return.


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